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A personal alarm that works in harmony with a person's life.

Meet the Umps Link. A stylish personal alarm that provides seamless safety in the home.

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Professional support at your fingers

In the event of an emergency you'll be connected to an operator within two minutes, guaranteeing support even if family can't answer the phone.

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Works anywhere at home or in the garden

You can activate your Pendant while gardening, taking the bins out or checking the mail, with a range of up to 100 metres from the Hub.

Safety with comfort and style

Only 9mm thick and weighing just 14 grams, the pendant is comfortable to wear all day.

And with interchangeable cases, you don't need to compromise style to feel safe at home.

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Unlimited support from our team

When you join Umps, you’re supported by our Australian based team every step of the way.

you can rely on

The Umps Link has it's own in-built mobile connection, so you don't need to connect it to WiFi.

Connectivity diagram of Umps

Always connected

Industry leading 4G antenna design with Ethernet and WiFi backup.

Always on

A high capacity battery provides 50 hours of backup power in the event of a power outage.

Frequently asked questions

If you purchase your Umps Link, you will be charged $595 for everything you need to get started. Ongoing service costs are $22 a month and include cellular connectivity and 24 x 7 monitoring.
Use code 100OFF to save $100! Valid until 22/07/24.

The Umps Link Pendant will work at a range of more than 100m from the Hub, comfortably covering most large houses. When you set your Umps Link up, you'll be able to test the range of the Pendant.

No. The Umps Link Pendant will operate for up to three years without charging it. We'll get in touch when your Pendant needs to be replaced.

When activated, the Umps Link Hub will raise an alert to an Australian based 24 x 7 monitoring centre. A real person will dial back through the Hub and provide any support required. This could be as simple as connecting you with a loved one, or dialling an ambulance if it's an emergency.

No. Research shows that even the best falls detection features can be unreliable, often activating when a person hasn't had a fall. Instead, we've made our Pendant lightweight, comfortable to wear 24 x 7 and completely waterproof.

Yes. The Umps Link Pendant is completely waterproof with a quick-dry lanyard.

The Umps Link Pendant has been designed to avoid accidental activations. However, if you do accidentally activate your personal alarm you can cancel the alert within 10 seconds by pressing the cancel button on the Umps Link Hub. Alternatively, you can just let one of our friendly operators know you accidentally activated your alarm!

Yes. You can pair multiple Umps Link Pendants to one Hub so multiple people can use your Umps Link at the same time.

Yes. your home care provider can refer you to receive an Umps Link Personal Alarm here.

Of course, please call us on 1300 907 272 or fill out the inquiry form here and we'll call you back.

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Umps Link

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$595 + $22 per month


Use code 100OFF to save $100! Valid until 22/07/24

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  1. 1 x Umps Link Hub
  2. 1 x Umps Link Pendant
  3. 1 x Umps Link Power Pack
  4. 1 x Umps Link Indoor Antenna
  5. Installation and Quick Start Guide
  6. 4G Cellular Connectivity (including SIM card)
  7. 24/7 Professional Monitoring
Umps Link help at your fingertips

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We're here to help, provide us your contact details and we will call you same business day to answer any questions you may have

Umps is a proud geat2GO Supply Partner. Referrals placed through geat2GO will receive a fully funded Umps Link and 12 months’ of professional monitoring.

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