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Umps develops smart home technology to make health and care systems responsive, resilient and scalable.

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Introducing The Umps Link

The Umps Link is our cutting-edge smart home platform making it possible to deliver quality health and aged care within the home.

Discover how our range of market-leading solutions can meet your care needs.

Personal Alarm

Designed hand-in-hand with older adults, the Umps Link Personal Alarm is one people can be proud to have in their homes.

It combines comfort and safety in a sleek pendant.


  • Smoke alarm detection
  • Real-time reporting on device management
  • The latest in 4G technology

Smart Home

Prevent major incidents for older adults at home with the Umps Link Smart Home.

Our non-intrusive smart plugs identify changes in a person’s daily routine that could indicate a decline in health and wellbeing, and we alert the right people so they can provide support.

Telehealth (Coming 2023)

Upgrade to a seamless telehealth experience with Umps’ powerful integrations with third-party medical devices.

Share information from pulse oximeters and blood pressure monitors with clinicians to better manage chronic diseases at home.

The Umps Difference

Inspiring care providers supporting their clients with Umps.

“I chose to use Umps for my 90-year-old father, who also suffers from Parkinson’s disease and lives alone. It addressed a gap in current services like personal alarms. It bubbles along in the background without impacting on someone”.

Mariette, Epping

“The service that Umps has provided Mum and our family has been invaluable! Mum has several electrical appliances, like the kettle, TV and bedside lamp, which she regularly uses. If she does not use them at her usual time of day, I receive a text from Umps. Mum is happy to know that she has the support of the Umps team!”

Rhonda, Altona, Victoria

“What is so terrific about Umps is that it doesn’t require any participation from its user. She doesn’t have to wear any gadget, make any phone calls or press any sort of alarm button”

Louise, Colac, Victoria

“It’s very reassuring to know that Umps will let someone know if I need help. I am 81 years old and live on my own, and sometimes a couple days will lapse before I have a visitor or a phone call. It’s nice to know that if I need help I will get it.  I tell all my friends about it. Umps has put my mind at ease.”

Shirley, Colac, Victoria