The Umps Link is available under geat2GO

A fully funded, award winning personal alarm with 24 x 7 professional monitoring

  • Emergency support 24 x 7
  • High accessibility features
  • Proactive installation and technical support
  • Australian owned and operated

Umps is a proud geat2GO Supply Partner. Referrals placed through geat2GO will receive a fully funded Umps Link and 12 months of professional monitoring.

Umps Link Personal Alarm

For people who want peace of mind at home without the need to charge a device

Umps link close up of hub button
  • Raise alerts from the home or backyard
  • 2+ year Pendant battery life, with no charging required
  • No internet required, with in-built mobile connectivity
  • High accessibility features, including visual and sound prompts
  • Lightweight and comfortable, weighing just 14 grams

Fully funded under geat2GO

Including 12 months of professional monitoring

We support geat2GO clients every step of the way

1. Welcome Call

After a referral, we’ll call your client to answer any questions and complete the setup of their Personal Alarm.

2. Installation Support

The Umps Link will arrive completely set up and ready to plug in. We’ll provide over the phone support to you and your client during installation.

3. First Call

To ensure your client is comfortable using with their Personal Alarm, we’ll guide them through their first call with our professional operators. From there, We encourage clients to test their alarm once a month, so they remain familiar with the service.

4. Ongoing Support

Our team remotely monitors your Personal Alarm. If the alarm is unplugged, low on battery or disconnected, we’ll follow up with the client to make sure service is restored.

Book a training session

If you’re a clinician and want to learn more about the Umps Link, book a 20 minute training session for you and your team.

Frequently asked questions

The Umps Link Pendant will work at a range of more than 100m from the Hub, comfortably covering most large houses. When you set up your Umps Link, you'll be able to test the range of the Pendant.

No. The Umps Link Pendant will operate for over two years without charging it. We'll get in touch when your Pendant needs to be replaced.

When activated, the Umps Link Hub will raise an alert to an Australian based 24 x 7 monitoring centre. A real person will dial back through the Hub and provide any support required. This could be as simple as connecting you with a loved one, or dialling an ambulance if it's an emergency.

No. Research shows that even the best falls detection features can be unreliable, often activating when a person hasn't had a fall. Instead, we've made our Pendant lightweight, comfortable to wear 24 x 7 and completely waterproof.

Yes. The Umps Link Pendant is completely waterproof with a quick-dry lanyard.

The Umps Link Pendant has been designed to avoid accidental activations. However, if a client does accidentally activate their personal alarm, they can cancel the alert within 10 seconds. Alternatively, they can just let one of our friendly operators know they accidentally activated their alarm!

Yes. You can pair multiple Umps Link Pendants to one Hub so multiple people can use your Umps Link at the same time.

In a power outage the Umps Link will continue to operate for over 40 hours. The monitoring centre will receive a notification that power has been lost and they will monitor the Hub.

The Umps Link Personal Alarm includes it's own 4G connection so you just need to plug it in to power for it to work.

Of course. Please contact us and we can arrange to call the client to discuss any questions.

Get in touch

Get in touch with us if you're looking to place a referral through geat2GO or would like to speak with someone at Umps.