Introducing the Umps Link

Our next-generation personal alarm with wellbeing monitoring.

The Umps Link offers a stylish personal alarm and range of additional services over a single smart home platform.

The personal alarm reimagined. Meet the Umps Link.

Wear it your way

Express your personality with a range of interchangeable cases for your Umps Link Pendant.

Backup smoke alarm monitoring through sound

The Umps Link can detect smoke alarms in a person's home through it's on-board microphones.

you can rely on

With 4G, Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, the Umps Link provides safety-critical communication.

Connectivity diagram of Umps

Always connected

Industry leading 4G antenna design with Ethernet and WiFi backup.

Always on

A high capacity battery provides 50 hours of backup power in the event of a power outage.

Proactive insights for more independence

The Umps Link detects subtle changes in routine that indicate declines in wellbeing, before they result in an incident.

Intelligent device management

Access real time reporting and configure devices from anywhere with the Umps Link Device Management Platform.

Umps light array

Reimagine care with Umps

Close up of the Umps hub
Person wearing the pendant
Another person wearing the personal alarm pendant