Umps is designed to be flexible. People can put smart plugs on any appliance, which means that older adults, family members and care providers can determine which appliances will work best for them.

Usually, we suggest people place Umps on appliances they use regularly everyday, like the kettle, TV, computer, microwave and refrigerator. However, recently we had a customer place a plug on the washing machine.

We were initially sceptical about using a plug on the washing machine, but Sarah, a former occupational therapist in our team, told us that when she’s undertaken assessments in the past she often made an effort to understand how people undertook domestic activities like washing their clothes.

The user with Umps reliably uses her washing machine every 3 or 4 days. Now that Learning Mode has completed, our analytics platform will generate an insights if she doesn’t use her washing machine or uses it more or less frequently.

It’s easy to see how when someone becomes more frail, they may have difficulty washing clothing and require additional assistance. However, the the onset of a cognitive impairment like dementia or even declining mental health are also likely to result in a change in the way someone undertakes domestic activities very early on. These are the things that are often hard for an assessor or family member to pick up on.

If you have a client that could benefit from the Umps Smart Home and would like to speak to us about referring Umps to them, contact us on 1300 907 272 of Alternatively, you can order Umps here.