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The Umps
Smart Home

How the Umps Smart Home Works

Umps smart plugs detect when home appliances are used

Each Umps Smart Home comes with 5 Smart Plugs. These Smart Plugs fit between any appliance and the wall to measure when those appliances are used. We recommend putting these on things like the kettle, TV, refrigerator, bedside lamp and microwave.

Umps learns a person’s unique daily routine

We know that everyone is different, so for the first 7 days Umps gets to know the user in Learning Mode. During Learning Mode, the Umps is establishing a user’s individual and unique daily habits which means that alerts are more accurate with fewer false alarms.

Umps detects any unusual activity

After Learning Mode has completed, Umps will raise an alert if a change in routine could indicate the presence of a health issue, for example:

  • No appliances have been used when they normally would have been (like first thing in the morning!)

  • A person has used the bedside lamp 7 times overnight, indicating they haven’t slept well
  • A person’s appetite has decreased, and they’ve been opening the refrigerator far less than normal over the previous 7 days.

Insights by SMS or through the Umps App

When Umps generates an insight or alert, it informs Nominated Contacts by SMS or through the Umps App. We can even arrange to check-in with the user first.

Download the Umps App

The Umps App is also available on all smart phones through Google Play or the App Store. Downloading the Umps App is completely optional – you can continue to receive insights by text message instead.

What people love about Umps

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of appliances should I put Umps on?2020-03-20T14:54:32+11:00

Everyone is different, and Umps has been designed to work flexibly on any home appliance. We typically recommend people put Umps on appliances they use regularly. This could include the TV, kettle, refrigerator, microwave or a bedside lamp. People also put plugs on things like the washing machine, radio, electric toothbrush, electric razor, electric blanket, heater or a phone, tablet or laptop charger.

Is Umps available anywhere in Australia?2020-03-20T14:51:04+11:00

Yes, the Umps Smart Home is available Australia wide. When you order an Umps Smart Home, we’ll post it out within 2 days to the delivery address you specify. Installation takes about 10 minutes and can be done by anyone. It’s as simple as plugging in the kettle! If you need support, one of our team members can guide you through the process over the phone.

How much does Umps cost?2020-03-20T14:50:07+11:00

The Umps Smart Home is available for $180, plus a $40 per month subscription. This includes the Umps Smart Hub, 5 Umps Smart Plugs, user accounts for up to 5 Nominated Contacts, 24 x 7 connectivity (the Umps Smart Home doesn’t user a person’s home internet) as well as postage to anywhere in Australia.

How many Nominated Contacts can I have?2020-03-20T14:52:33+11:00

You can have up to 5 Nominated Contacts. These people receive alerts, and may have access to an Umps App which provides them with insights about your wellbeing.

What happens if I go away?2020-03-20T14:57:50+11:00

If you go away, you can set an Away Period by contacting Umps by phone, e-mail or text message. During an Away Period, Umps will not raise any alerts.

Do I require internet?2020-03-20T14:56:15+11:00

No. The Umps Smart Home runs independently of the internet using a SIM card.

I don’t use my kettle every day, will Umps work for me?2020-03-20T14:53:44+11:00

Because Umps learns your usual routine, it doesn’t matter if you don’t use the kettle every day. The Umps Smart Home comes with 5 plugs, which can be installed on any home appliance.

How do the Umps plugs detect when I use my appliances?2020-03-20T14:54:56+11:00

The Umps plugs fit between an appliance and the wall socket. These plugs measure power usage and can tell when an appliance is using power.

Do I need to use all five plugs?2020-03-20T14:57:25+11:00

No. You do not need to use all five plugs. In fact, some people only use one plug. However, we do recommend trying to install at least 4 as the system operates more effectively with more plugs.

Does Umps work in households with more than one person?2020-03-20T14:58:55+11:00

Yes. However, if this is the case Umps will identify abnormalities in activity within the household, rather than for an individual person. This can be really useful in the event that one person is reliant on another, and wouldn’t be able to call for help if on their own.

What happens if there is a power outage?2020-03-20T14:56:40+11:00

If there is a power outage, the Umps system will raise an alert to notify your Nominated Contacts that the system is offline, likely due to a power outage. When power resumes, the system will also notify Nominated Contacts that power has resumed.

How do the Umps plugs detect when I use my fridge?2020-03-20T14:55:47+11:00

The Umps plug detects fridge usage by detecting when the light in the fridge comes on. The plug will filter out other actions that draw electricity, such as the compressor cycling on.